Building on experience
& creativity

MUEVO consists of highly experienced museum professionals that joined forces with established production manufacturers to create a new company that operates with an entrepreneurial spirit and implements an innovative business model beyond the conventional way of thinking. Our multicultural and interdisciplinary team is composed of experts with substantial technical and scientific skills and experience in all aspects of product development related to our work. Museum insiders with different specialties and backgrounds from project managers and engineers to craftsmen, site managers and installers; they all work closely together to treat each request as a unique new challenge, however demanding.

“MUEVO is a multi
cultural organization
that operates on a modern
corporate governance model.”

Our team is specially trained and fully experienced to provide high quality solutions meeting the modern international standards of construction requirements as well as the set criteria for the protection and safety of each exhibit. MUEVO’s people design and create the container, always respecting the cultural dimensions of the content. That explains why our works can adorn today the halls of important museums as well as educational and cultural foundations globally.

We have industrialized
our production