State of the art exhibition systems

End-to-end product development. We develop and install innovative display cases, smart modular cabinets and state-of-the-art exhibition systems, every size and type of project, from a simple standard case to the most complex and technologically advanced custom case, from small scale to large scale exhibition fit out. MUEVO‘s exhibition systems are not merely static showcases but intelligent cultural devices of narrative interaction and cultural promotion. Each one of MUEVO’s projects is designed and built according to the initial economic and technical design, in strict compliance with high aesthetic requirements and international quality and safety standards


Leading-edge display cases Exhibition installation

  • All case types & sizes
  • Freestanding cases
  • Wall cases
  • Table cases
  • Glass cubes

All opening

  • Pull & slide
  • Tilt & slide
  • Multi-pivot
  • Single pivot
  • Electro-hydraulic
  • Automation (pantograph system)
  • Case lighting
  • Preventive conservation
  • Security & alarm
  • Case internals

We can do more
than casework
Upon request
we provide

  • Graphics
  • Audio-visual & interactives
  • Mount-making
  • Audio-visual & interactives
  • Exhibition fit out work
  • Seats & furniture

“At MUEVO we design
inspirational memory
environments, selecting
as our starting point of
thinking the new
destination of an

Protecting and promoting a cultural exhibit is a particularly demanding, delicate and complex process. Just as with any handmade work of art, we pay particular attention to every major and minor aspect of the process, as well as every detail that can possibly affect the aesthetic approach, the application, the realization and the functionality of our display systems.

Every Museum is a fascinating space of experiences; a source of constant inspiration and creation. All of us at MUEVO believe that each work of art is unique; every cooperation special. Because every exhibit, as an integral part of our cultural heritage and continuity, is unique. It carries its own cultural signature, identity and life. Moreover it bears its own sensitivity to the physical and technical conditions as well as to the special features of its surrounding environment.

We believe that the “new home” of an exhibit artwork has first to be safe and hospitable. Within this home it will experience a new life. It is in this home that it will communicate the symbolic system of ideas, the era it created it. It is in this home that it will invite guests.

In practice this means that the new exhibition system has to fulfill MUEVO’s fundamental principles of excellence in construction integrity, intelligent functionality and aesthetic unity with regard to the exhibit itself as well as to the surrounding environment.

Building on experience & creativity