We have industrialized our production

MUEVO has established an exclusive strategic partnership with VETA SA a leading industrial sheet metal company and one of the largest Laser Technology Users in Europe.
Working together we are capable of manufacturing all types of museum and exhibition systems and installations, in volumes from prototypes to full production batches, as well as innovative metal components and precision sheet metal fabrications for multiple purposes.
By visiting the 22.000 m2 site, you can enter our showroom, experience our new product line, enjoy a tour of the production process and be introduced to a dynamic team of 25 engineers and 200 employees.

We ensure
high quality

Each one of MUEVO’s projects is designed and built according to the initial economic and technical design, in strict compliance with high aesthetic requirements and international quality and safety standards. That means the new exhibition system has to fulfill MUEVO’s fundamental principles of excellence in construction integrity, intelligent functionality and aesthetic unity with regard to the exhibit itself as well as to the surrounding environment

We work in a
collaborative way

We put collaborative relationships and innovation at the heart of the way we work.
We recognize the considerable advantages to be gained by working collaboratively.
Our approach is sensitive to location and culture, always combining the latest advances in building technology.

Scalable high precision industrial strength

  • 22.000 m2 of production space
  • 25 mechanical engineers
  • Advanced 3D modeling software and CAD/CAM
  • 47 CNC machines
  • Glass, metal and wood shop
  • Integrated powder coating line
  • Quality control & management system
  • Fully certified

We think creatively

Max Ernst once said that creativity is that marvelous capacity to grasp mutually distinct realities and draw a spark from their juxtaposition. At MUEVO we aim to approach things in a creative way beyond the conventional.
We are not afraid of radically new solutions.
Our approach involves developing out-of-the box solutions based on the unique needs and demands of your challenge
in a cost-effective way.

We love
future thinking

We love to explore what is ahead of us, motivated by passion and purpose.
We are committed to being at the forefront of technology and innovation delivering superior capability in tandem
with maximized cost efficiencies.

State of the art exhibition systems